View or Access blocked Websites at School or Work (Firewall IP Address Filter Bypass for Myspace, Facebook, and other Sites too!)

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Social Media Networking - Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Yahoo 360, Google Orkut

For all of you guys in high school, college, or at work that can’t get enough of Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Yahoo 360, or Google’s Orkut. These are the best ways to get around firewall blocked IP address filters.

1. Use a proxy.

HideMy-ss Anonymizer Wujie Guardster Anonymous SpySurfing KProxy Brawl-Hall Unipeak ProxyMouse Surfonym 3Proxy SuperProxy LetsProxy FSurf LetMeBy BoredAtSchool IBypass GreenRabbit SwitchProxy Secure-Tunnel Proxychoice AnonyPost Hujiko PeoplesProxy ProxyWeb MyWebTunnel Proxy7 StupidCensorship Cecid GoProxing ByWhat PerlProxy Proxylord TNTproxy The-Cloak ProxyDom PrivacyNest GetByNow FreedomRoute FreedomBrowse 3PO 3Tiered AlwaysHide AtedPlace BestProxyWorld BlairstownNJ CheckProfiles ConnyPug CovertBrowser DeJacey DevilsProxy Firoxy Free2Surf Freezoo Gmprs Goldenproxy HiddenCloak HideiPaddy HideProxy InstantunBlock k1d LAProxy MyProxy NCHAusa NinjaCloak NovaProxy OKBay Proxican Proxy4Myspace Proxy80 ProxyPan ProxyPit ProxyToy PublicProxyServer Rdcumd SInjection Surf2Acess TheCamelClub UnfilterSites YouHide ZaxiProxy ZeroProxy

2. Use the iPhone or iPod TouchFacebook and Myspace have free applications on the Apple App Store.

The Easy Way

1. Click on this link for Facebook app. Install, enter your info, go for it.

2. Click on this link for Myspace app. Install, enter your info, go for it.

Manually from within iTunes

1. Get the latest version of firmware (must be at least version 2.0) for your particular device.
2. Connect your cradle to the computer and dock your device. iTunes should start automatically. If not, launch iTunes manually.
3. Goto the App Store. Search for Facebook.
4. Click install.
5. Repeat process for other apps.
6. Sync your device to install these apps.

On the iPhone using Wifi

1. Click on the App Store icon.
2. Search for Facebook.
3. Press Free – it will change to say Install.
4. Press and hold Install.
5. When it finishes loading, click on the Facebook or Myspace icon, and enter your account information.
6 Repeat process for other apps.

3. Use Google to load the cached (usually filter free) version of a website or proxy.

example: – goto, and type in “devilsproxy” or “” – goto the first link by clicking on the cached URL (not the real URL). – Type in the website you’re trying to goto in the URL bar and enjoy.

example – use (instead of Other prefixes to try for browseusers. search. invite. mail. blog. invite. favorites. forum. groups. events. viewmorepics. music. classifieds. signup. chat. vids.

4. Use a language translator page to “translate” the sites from any language into English.

a) Google Language Tools b) Babel Fish Translation c) FreeTranslation d) Online Website Translation e) Language Translation f) Online Translator

5. Use MoDazzle‘s SMS text messaging services.

MoDazzle uses basic SMS text messages to send and receive information directly to and from your phone. Just by texting, you can: update your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, explore investmentors/portfolios at VentureSource, use Salesforce, research a company at Hoovers, get directions to the nearest Starbucks using Yelp or Google Maps, check your Flight Status, check the Weather, use ZoomInfo , or check your Stock quotes.

Modazzle allows Facebook users to: Send messages to your friends list, Check your message, Update your profile, Post a note on your wall and read from your wall, Know who’s online,  Poke a friend, Upload a profile photo, Send invite to friends, Update your profile status, Check for birthday updates.Here are the instructions for using Modazzle with Facebook.

Modazzle allows LinkedIn users to: Search for Company, Search for People, Search for a person’s details, View your connections, Invite your contacts. Here are the instructions for using Modazzle with LinkedIn.

To get started with Modazzle:

a. Be sure that your phone has SMS capabilities – if you can send Text Messages, you have SMS.
b. Sign up for MoDazzle service.
c. Read their How To’s
d. Get busy.

6. Install a Circumventor

Please read instructions carefully.

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