Weird Craigslist Ad – 1969 Mustang Mach 1 $9500 (Free demon legion included – ok, I added that part)

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Shaken not Stirred

Earlier this week, I’m cruising my “Mustang” Craigslist RSS search via the NetNewsWire app from (which rocks and you should get it right now! – err…after you finish reading this) on the iPhone. Yes, I’m still 2G for all you money-burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket 3G punks out there…I’m totally jealous old school.

Jennifer Lopez

rump Shaker

So I come across a post for a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang for $9500. Whoa what?!? It’s obviously a rust bucket POS for 9500 bucks. And even though I don’t necessarily want a 1969 Mustang ’cause they have that freakin’ HUGE rear end that I absolutely despise…unlike J.Lo, however (see reference pic), I figured I would at least give it a glance.

The post is stock full of pictures. The car is in great condition. It’s got a 351 Windsor, which isn’t quite the 428 Cobra Jet, but not many engines are I suppose. It’s rust free and a total stunner. Oh and what’s that cherry on top I see? Why it’s a real shaker hood. Mmmmm…cold air induction at its finest. A shaker hood makes almost anything sexy in my book.  I said “almost”.

wallet Shaker

So, I’m thinking what the hell is wrong with this car? Something has to be terribly, terribly wrong with it. Blood stains, a love-r-ly rotting flesh smell, no floor boards, something! I did notice that there is no location specified for the post – which is not THAT strange. But down at the very bottom of the post below the email address is all of this space. And I swear I can see some writing in there.

What is that…Latin?

It’s in some light yellow or gray font. So I monkeyed with it in photoshop.

(screenshot)                                                                  (screenshot with color changes)

Mecca Lecca High


Ec-tus Dom-i-nus

So the text is:

faucibus vehicula Vestibulum Nunc sed lorem varius magna always posuere tellus tortor augue Phasellus in Aenean rutrum Vestibulum pede eleifend tellus non eleifend story dictum porttitor Sed the facilisis eleifend Sespendisse sodales fermentum are ipsum in vulputate in lacinia Nam commodo Nam sed Praesent

And googled the translation to:

faucibus conveyance Vestibulum Now but lorem various magna always to lay region tortor augue Phasellus upon Eneus rutrum Vestibulum pede eleifend region not eleifend story word porttitor But the easy eleifend Sespendisse fellowship fermentum are itself upon vulputate upon lacinia For to make fit For but With a ready

Gibberish…Latin + English + translation = more gibberish.

Plymouth Fury

soul Shaker

The post was flagged and has since been pulled, but I’m perplexed. What is all of that? Why would you fake post a hot car with all of this Latin/English gibberish at the bottom. Is this some new sort of phishing? Is the car totally possessed ala Christine and this guy’s trying to cast it out or pass it on to another damned soul owner?

Anybody have any ideas on the translation or what’s going on here? Please let me know.

Weird…just weird I say,


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  • Crispy

    Many sites will have that gibberish latin as a filler text. You are supposed to delete it and fill it with your own. An explanation:

  • fff

    Thanks for that link! I still find it weird that the guy would include this in his post. Maybe he used a template and it was embedded there as an example. It makes me quiver a bit thinking about everything that could possibly happen in or to a car in 40 years time that you would have no clue about – wrecks, bodily injury, blood, suicide, death, growing-up, making-up, breaking-up, love-making, etc., etc.

  • Xaviar

    They're hot words/keys to boost the rating in search engines. The email address (9 out of 10, it was gmail wasn't it?) was just there to get your email address for later attempts at soliciting and to sell your email / personal info — which you would have to give to be “qualified” to get the car.

    They do the same with job ads and others all the time. Now you know.

  • Jake

    Actually you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s some sort of error in a CL’s posting software application I think. I am out here trying to find out why Latin phrases are popping up in my postings and Iam certainely not trying to farm email accounts from people.

    Just thought I would reply since I see an ignorant internet “know-it-all” posting about things he knows nothing about.

  • Nick

    I don’t know WTF Jake is talking about, but this is simply text put in by spam bots to trick the automatic spam detection algorithms used by CL. This might an email farming technique, or simply a red herring post to through the heuristic filters off the trail of actual spammer post.

    If your wondering why the ad seems so real other than that, it’s because it is. CL spammers often use real post as templates for their own post.

  • JON

    Well the reason the car is priced so cheap is it is a stolen ad off another site. They post it cheap using pictures and a lot of the info in the real ad. Then when you contact them it's another wire me the money scam.

  • jew

    None of you know for sure. Here is the real reason there is gibberish popping up on craigslist. Aliens. You see bla bla bla red-herring discombobulation, bla bla bla straw man. Words make sentences, and words are made from letters. Since gibberish contains letters, it means craigslist is being invaded by aliens. See I proved it. Logic is fun if you just throw around words. Here is is a misused word that makes me cringe "im anxious to get home" really .. you feel anxious? no, you are eager .. now go kill yourself.

  • SteveD

    I experienced the same thing. A year ago or so with cosmetic ads. I accidentally highlighted the page and saw some text that I could not see otherwise. I asked a friend to translate but it didn't make any sense. And Google doesn't translate Latin.. I've since seen it in the auto section.
    Anybody know what it's about?

  • jerry209

    It's someone out there trying to get your money………..for a non exisiting car. They're doing it with all sorts of merchandise. They figure they'll take a down payment from you………..say 4,000 and then they'll ship it to your addresss…..Ha! “not”

    there are hundreds of ads like that.

  • Drew

    Actually it’s probably some kind of code for people that want to stay on the downlow…terrorists, government agents (please note those are in two seperate categories) on a low key page that probably wont get too many hits for the very reasons you stated ($9500 mach-1). Just my opinion. Maybe Jesse Ventura will do a show on it. lmao

  • bob r

    You think

  • d_ziner

    that latin text is filler used for graphic layouts to fill space in an ad layout until the actual copy is written- how it got in the ad is anyone’s guess tho.


    How about building DALE EARNHARDT JR< A 1970 454 SS MONTE CARLO!!!!!!!